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Our Ranges

Our personalised ranges are based on emotion, happiness and memories! Hoping our products play a huge part in peoples lives.

Meet our Lux Team

Here at The Lux Co we capture those memorable moments in life.

Mark - Managing Director - Founder

Meet Mark, the coolest head honcho at Lux Group. As our Managing Director, he's not just about business; he's the nicest boss you'll ever find. Mark's work vibe is as smooth as his love for cars and F1, adding a touch of excitement and positivity to our daily grind.

Suzanne - Founder & Creative Director

Suzanne, the heart and soul behind Lux Group, wears two hats as the Creative Director and Founder. Every design and product you lay eyes on, Suzanne has crafted with love. Beyond the creative realm, you'll find her sharing joyful moments with Grayson, her little boy and being a boss mama.

Jenny team leader

Jenny, the unstoppable force at our team, began as a Christmas temp and found her forever home. As a team leader, she's the glue that holds everything together. From creating and designing to dispatching orders, Jenny's daily magic ensures your experience is nothing short of seamless.

Amanda E-Commerce

As the curator of The Lux Co., I thrive on keeping the shop chic and current—be it unveiling enchanting wedding accessories or decking the halls with our festive Christmas collection. Balancing a passion for aesthetics, motherhood to two lovely girls, and a penchant for cheese and wine, I embrace life with vibrant hues. "Life is about using the whole box of crayons."

JACK Production Hero

Jack, our a Production Manager, orchestrates the creation of diverse wonders—from elegant wedding orders to artisanal cheeseboards—utilising our state-of-the-art fleet of 5 laser engraving machines. With precision and passion, Jack transforms concepts into tangible marvels, adding a touch of craftsmanship to every detail.

June Dispatch Queen

I ensure your parcels are swiftly packed and dispatched with meticulous care, finding joy in the dynamic rhythm of my role. The diversity of each day keeps me energized and engaged. Beyond work, I cherish moments with my grandson and family, savoring the precious moments that unfold outside the bustling routine.

Joel Designer

Meet Joel, the creative mind behind Lux Group's designs. Whether he's crafting custom orders or sending out his latest creations, Joel brings a laid-back flair to luxury. Off the design board, you'll catch him revving up his excitement for Formula 1, where the thrill of speed is his ultimate joy ride.
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Fran Customer Service

Meet Fran, our customer service wizard. With a warm and friendly approach, Fran is always here to help make your experience exceptional. Beyond the service desk, you might catch her swapping her headset for a fishing rod, indulging in her passion for the serene thrill of fishing.
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